As An American

I can admit the metric system is better than the imperial metric system we use here in the sometimes backwards USofA.

Quite a statement? I used logic to come to that conclusion.

Everything we do in life, aside from imperial measurements, is in the decimal system. Why convert to a different system for measurement?

Why? Arrogant bullheadedness.

I vote we convert to the metric system as the US had originally intended.


Uh Oh


I got the server to accommodate two WP sites. Except for the SSL portion. After getting everything setup I worked on the SSL certs…without backing up the site first.

WRONG! I messed up the config of the SSL, broke MjNet, and didn’t backup first. GDI I am a moron sometimes! At least I had a backup of this site, so I’ve just lost about a week worth of work. What makes it worse is that I’m trying to get TK off it’s hosted site before the billing date. No pressure!


And I’ll have a bit more downtime while I backup this server : \

A Majority

Of people trying to gain access to my site are just trying to guess my admin password.



I thought my server took a dump. Luckily I was able to get it back after some tinkering. Nothing seems wrong, except I suspecting a failing hard disk. I’ll run some tests on it in time, but for now, I’m just happy my site is back.

More Fitting

I’ve changed the color scheme from #B2DF82 to #A9A9A9.

It fits me better, I’d say.

The only problem is the sidebar drop downs didn’t change. I’ll have to figure that out later.