Changing Mind

I've decided to do a 180°flip, I don't want to get rid of this domain.



Another infusion of tysabri is finished (excepting observation period).


I'm thinking...

of dropping this domain once it comes up for renewal. As much as I love it, it is not justified with the new mortgage.

But its just a thought at this time. I could end up changing my mind by the time it comes up for renewal. It is a sweet domain.


Coffee DOES NOT stop MS

You can keep your junk science to yourselves.

Because I am lving proof to the contrary. I've drank a pot of coffee all to myself everyday (wife doesn't like coffee) since I was like 25. Four pot coffee up until I hit that age. Back then it was lots of cream and sugar too, but know I like my coffee black. Nothing additional. Just my sweet pot of black coffee everyday of my life. I sure hope that study on drinking coffee was right.

Maybe I developed MS back when I drank my coffee loaded, or perhaps it was before I started drinking coffee. Yes, there was a time when I'd wake-up and not require my daily cup of joe. Maybe I should've started drinking coffee earlier. I blame the bad-for-you eighties.

And I understand that drinking coffee LOWERS your risk and doesn't remove it completely. #LAWYERSPEAK


Another Infusion Down

Got my infusion on Wednesday of this week.

It was great, one stick in the forearm and everything else was cake. Except when they removed the IV. I felt that a little more than usual. But I'll take the removal being worse over multiple sticks any day.

And now I am good until February of 2016. This low maintenance dosage of every two months is really been nice.

another infusion down


Is it possible

Nay, probable that because of my years of having MS that I have developed a downer attitude about this life? I'm seeing everything through pessimistic glasses.

I don't know. I'm so introverted and withdrawn, there isn't much on which to take measure. Perhaps it is a side effect of my pessimism, which (I hope, at least) would be a side effect of my MS.

It just feels like circular logic.