Great, just great

Benzos lead to Alzheimer too. Good thing I only use them once every two months.

That and the slow walking...guh. Not much hope for me. But then there never was.



Hope that my memory can be fixed with a zap of electromagnetism. Although the article did say healthy people, which since 2007 I can no longer consider myself.


Kenzie Kindergarten

We sent Kenzie off the Kindergarten today. I posted about it on my Mj site.


Marching on...very slowly.

On Friday, the Illinois department of public health publicized it's application for medicinal cannabis ID cards for qualifying patients. (Links to a PDF form)

I'd like to point out

Shortly after diagnosis I asked my neuro if acquiring HIV would stop MS. Theoretically, of course.

Now this comes across the wire.


Oh, and...

My recent neurologist appointment marks five years on Tysabri. Keep that ball rolling, it's been treating me so very well.