Bad Science

WTF?^^ I need to start a bad science blog! This article says traffic jams are reduced by some of the people in that jam drive like jerks, but makes no mention of increased accidents or other risks. Bad science at its core.


Too bad that clunkers car program wasn't in effect when we got the civic. It is easily a 10mpg gain. The truck is listed at 17 combined (thats a stretch), and the civic gets 36 hwy. That would've been a $4,500 credit. Suprise, guess the government isn't able to quickly put things into effect. Check fuelecconomy.gov for your info

It really grinds my gears

You know what pisses me off. I have a disease that is abbreviated MS. Of all the illnesses out there, I get the one that resembles Micro$oft, which as you can tell by my blog I really dislike. I think I'd still rather have MS than AIDS or Cancer or something else fatal.


Yahoo and Micro$oft are partnering for a Search deal. Sucks


(Mostly) Everything is moved over

I've changed DNS settings on most everything and moved over to google based hosting...except for the michaeljohnston.net domain, still gotta figure out what to do with that. Also have to give this site some serious customations...keep your eye out.

The old waiting game

known as DNS propagation.


I think the mainboard on my server crapped out. I'm getting power, just no output. Perhaps its the video card, but I don't think I'm hearing any POST beeps. Tragic : ( I'll be moving the sites to new homes as time allows. At least the HDDs should be intact, as i havent made a backup in a long time : (


Tainted Kernel Replacement

My server took a nasty dump. I'll use this page until I get the server worked out.