Early thanksgiving

@ the hospital this year getting my infusion. My date to go, if strictly followed, would've been thanksgiving day, but who wants to spend thanksgiving getting infused? Not to mention that the infusion clinic isn't open on that day. Who wants to go see the walking dead on a happy day you are supposed to spend with you family.

The walking dead to which I am referring is cancer patients that go to the infusion center to receive their chemotherapy. but I'd rather deal with nurses somewhat skilled at giving IVs - most of the people going to the clinic have 'mediports' (no thanks, I'll deal with a needlestick every 28 days). I hear the lady at my doctor's infusion site is absolutely terrible at starting IVs, and knowing how I am with needles, that would be absolute terror every 28 days.

None-the-less, I'm expecting a typical infusion without trouble or issue.

teh suxor

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