A good example...

of how idiotic people can be with the use of their words. I ran across an article slamming blockbuster , when I read David's synopsis from which the following is taken, '...someone in a cinema with what seemed to be a low resolution web cam and Multiple Sclerosis.'

Even though I don't believe in hell, I hope you rot in the seventh level of it for such a stupid statement you dumb cunt! I have MS, and I assure you I'm just as capable of holding a camera still as a person who doesn't have MS, probably more so as fatigu is a primary symptom, not spasticity. I suffer from a debilitating chronic disease which through no fault of my own I've been diagnosed. Let the jokes and criticism fly, you insensitive clod! (thanks to the millions of /. forum posters for that awesome statement)

Fuck you David, fuck you very much! I hope you are soon found to have MS, or something worse, so that someone can make an insensitive comment about your condition. FOAD!!!

With today's treatments MS isn't what it used to be. One can avoid disease progression with such treatments, and therefore people with MS are capable of holding a camera still. A more appropriate choice would be Parkinson's Disease (aka Michael J Fox's disease), just in case you wanted to insult more of your readers. I wish a terrible AIDS death upon you aussie cunt!

BTW, those are terrible movies with the exception of HaK:EFGB. So I guess that makes you a cunt with bad taste. Fuck you you fucking fuck! Its called a movie theater!

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