So all is quiet on my MS front

Nothing exciting to post, and I suppose that is a good thing. The MS fairy has never brought me a good gift.
Never-the-less, I'm doing extremely well. And that is the most important part.
What neurological deficits I do possess are minimal and barely show. I don't think anyone would know something is wrong with me just by looking at me.

I'm only suffering from numbness in my left cheek and hand which I had acquired from that first nasty attack I had. Its a good thing I had just seen a nuerologist - due to my wife's using me as a test subject in a new MRI unit they had at her hospital - as I was put on a oral steroids (prednisone). Oral steroids aren't anything when compared to solu-medrol (aka methylprednisolone). That stuff taught me what hunger really is. After constant eating and feeling so full I felt like I was going to puke and still feeling hungry and getting so bloated I felt like I was having a period. That is when I realize how serious this disease can be. Without a doubt this was the worst episode from which I suffered.

The second diagnosed attack that I had - that lead to me being put on Avonex (Interferon Beta-1a) and then Tysabri (Natalizumab) - was a bought of optic neuritis. Man, was that terrible! I thankfully didn't have any vision loss, but I couldn't successfully track a single object with both of my eyes at the same time (aka I was crossed-eyed). I had to wear a pirate-patch during that episode. Man was that humiliating.

My first attack I didn't even realize was MS, as I hadn't yet had the MRI that revealed my condition. I thought it was just an ear infection as it had only lasted a week, but I clearly remember thinking to myself in passing, 'what if this is something more serious?' But that thought passed quicker than the symptoms. I had to reschedule an interview I had for a new job downtown, which I had landed and eventually quit two months later, as it seemed to be a lot more difficult than all the other jobs I had in my life, In retrospect I really think that was an attack.

So thats the story of my MS life, which I had to post the details as I have started a new TK blog.
I've already put a replacement server up @ home, but I think I'll leave this site on google's servers as they are much better equipped to handle traffic.

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