The holidays are coming to an end. That is actually a good thing. As fun as it has been with Ms. K, I could certainly use some time to unwind.

I'm doing pretty well on the MS front, as I have mentioned before. I seem to be in a medicine induced remission that leaves my MR scans clean. Hopefully things will stay that way.

The Kid is doing great! She is growing in leaps and bounds. She is getting so fun to interact with, developing such a personality. Here is to hoping everything keeps going well.

So lastly I want to say Happy New year to all that keep up with my MS blog. Here is to hoping for another year of good news!


Expanding on my latest MRI

I went and saw my neurologist last week, and he is extremely pleased with my MRI results. He confirmed what the radiologist @ NW Comm said, that there was no enhancing activity, which I basically take as my MS going into remission thanks to the Tysabri. It's good stuff, now if they could just figure out why it is associated with PML. Man, I don't want to get that!

Merry Christmas, Happy holidays

A day late (two technically), but I just want to say thank you to the good folks at Biogen for creating Tysabri, a drug which has lead my MS to pretty much be in remission - if I'm understanding things correctly. I'd also like to thank my Neurologist Dr. George Katsamakis, a very cool dude with a major reputation in the area of MS. And lastly I'd like to thank my body's immune system for reacting positively to my new treatment, and no longer causing inflammation in my brain. Wait, it's thanksgiving where you give thanks. Man, I'm like a month off. Oh well...

Merry Christmas (or applicable holiday) to all! ; )



I can't believe it. I felt like it was months since my last infusion last month. Unfortunately my next one is one week away. Bummer. I'll also be seeing my neurologist soon.


Went for my six month Tysabri MRI checkup

And early reports are that everything is looking good. Unofficially, no legions enhanced w/contrast (I am not incurring any attacks), and that is the most important part from what I understand. I'll have Shelby debrief me tomorrow, and I'll be seeing Dr. K later this month for the official report. Hopefully Dr. K will agree the MRI looks good, and my new treatment Tysabri is working at the best level one could hope. Of course, my loving wife Shelby will get me a CD of the test in the next few days. I'll post a few images if anyone is interested, after I scrub any very personal information. Of course, everything I am saying could be false. My MS could just be quiet and is waiting to strike. Though how I hope it is not. Time will tell.