I Believe!

President Obama got the health care reform passed. As a person with MS, I was terrified that I would meet my lifetime maximum fairly early and then descend into disability as my health insurance ran out. I was also terrified that I would never be able to get insurance outside of an employer (preexisting condition*). You've made those worries of the past, and for that I thank you Mr. President!

I believe

*How can it be a preexisting condition? Wouldn't it just be an existing condition. YATIH!


Dude, I'm with the president too!

On the topic of health care

Im Here For MS

Not a bad infusion this time

Lucky for me Bujana only needed one try to get the IV in! I love you Bujana!!! And I apologize for likely misspelling your name.

Not so much the such this time


Keep Moving

Its a new site that documents videographers with MS discussing issues related to MS, from the NMSS.


MS Week: Success

Chicago in Orange

Chicago Theater Showing Support for the Fight against MS
Images from NMSS:IL Chapter Web site. See the antennae in orange on the SEARS tower?

The mayor also made a proclamation recognizing MS week.
The State (of IL) got in on the action too!


MS Awareness Week begins

Yesterday actually marked the beginning of MS awareness week.

In honor of MS week - and perhaps longer - I've changed the background of my page to MS Society Orange.


Be aware people

Quackwatch - Be wary of multiple sclerosis cures: http://www.quackwatch.org/01QuackeryRelatedTopics/ms.html


Cold : (

Man I'm suffering my first real cold in a few years - since starting the Avonex (which is an anti-viral marketed to MS sufferers). Shelby and my MIL went to the urgent care clinic from a cold we all caught, all I got was a runny nose. Avonex was a godsend - in a way. It was a weekly self-injectable (thank you wife for making it spouse-injectable, as I couldn't handle giving myself an injection). Unfortunately, it wasn't giving me the results my neurologist had hoped, so he put me on Tysabri. Tysabri rocks out with its **** out, as I no longer had any enhancing legions in my brain or flu-like side effects, but I no longer had the cold protection that Avonex provided.

So here I am today - four days after my cold started (started Feb. 27) - reminiscing of the joy that Avonex brought me with my nose runny as hell, ears as stuffed as can be, and labored breathing. Tis a trade-off though, I'd rather deal with a cold once in a while than have to deal with weekly injections that make you feel like you have the flu for a couple days.