Cold : (

Man I'm suffering my first real cold in a few years - since starting the Avonex (which is an anti-viral marketed to MS sufferers). Shelby and my MIL went to the urgent care clinic from a cold we all caught, all I got was a runny nose. Avonex was a godsend - in a way. It was a weekly self-injectable (thank you wife for making it spouse-injectable, as I couldn't handle giving myself an injection). Unfortunately, it wasn't giving me the results my neurologist had hoped, so he put me on Tysabri. Tysabri rocks out with its **** out, as I no longer had any enhancing legions in my brain or flu-like side effects, but I no longer had the cold protection that Avonex provided.

So here I am today - four days after my cold started (started Feb. 27) - reminiscing of the joy that Avonex brought me with my nose runny as hell, ears as stuffed as can be, and labored breathing. Tis a trade-off though, I'd rather deal with a cold once in a while than have to deal with weekly injections that make you feel like you have the flu for a couple days.

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