6 days

Only 6 days left for me to raise money for my MS walk team. So far i have gotten $175 of my $500 limit. Won't you help me in my fight against MS? Donations are accepted on my facebook wall. Look on the left!

MS sucks!


Ms walk in one week

The MS walk is in one week. Next Sunday (2010.05.02)! If you would like to visit my team and I - join us on Chicago's lakefront! Donations are always accepted - Talk to shelby or visit my facebook page.


Not bad today

Today's infusion wasn't that bad. Had the Packers fan, but she only stuck me twice. As long as its less than 3 times, its a win in my book.
Kind of sucked though, as we had no one to watch Zie so Shelby had to stay home with her and then take her mom's car to work. Bummer.


WalkMS - Taft style


What is MS?

This is the simplest explanation I could find.