Major News!

Dr. Palaos Zamboni's solution to CCSVI (or liberation technique) was featured in the National Multiple Sclerosis Society's magazine moementum, from which I quote, "One subject...reported being able to dream for the first time in years".

Holy **** this was like having a 2000 lbs bomb dropped on my head (figuratively). It relates to me so closely, as I haven't remembered any of my dreams for years. Since you don't hear about loss of dreams (literally, not figuratively) when relating to MS, it really blew me away to hear this. It really makes this treatment look promising and gives me such great hope. I know that it'll be years off as testing and whatnot will have to be done, but to think they have found a solution to something for which there was nothing that could be done 15 years ago really says something about people and their drive to a cure- And Dr. Zamboni wasn't looking for a big payout or anything like that - his wife has MS. His treatment is most likely altruistic.

If this all pans out, I thank you Dr. Zamboni - tremendously! More than you can imagine. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! You are my hero! Although I have never met you, you may have seriously changed the course of my life, and for that I am forever in your debt, again if it all works out. THREE CHEERS FOR DR. ZAMBONI!!!

The NMSS has a PDF on the article

Here is a good unofficial breakdown some dude did


From the rumormill

A radioslogist was talking with Shelby at Shelby's work about Paolo Zamboni's (cool last name) liberation technique.The radiologist suggested they scan me to see the results. Pretty cool I'd say! I doubt I'll be letting anyone cut me open - until they have some more promising results. I'm not in a bad way, I can wait.


Another infusioin down

Unfortunately, they won't be stopping until something better comes along. But I digress. Today's infusion went fairly well. Only two needlesticks - seems to be par for the course. Lucky for me my wife got to stay for the entire infusion! That was nice. Its always nice having the company of someone you love while undergoing medical procedures.