Infusion Troubles

So the Ambulatory Infusion Center (AIC) called the house today to tell us that I need a physical before my next infusion...which is on Thursday (today is Tuesday). Perhaps they don't like me and just don't want me to show up? Shelby, who answered the phone, was very upset about this and gave the caller a piece of her mind, stating "you wouldn't make a cancer patient wait for their meds!" (Paraphrased, but she was very cordial). So Shelby called my doctors office and - guess what - my primary care doctor is on vacation for two weeks, never mind that physicals are scheduled three months in advance. So I'm up the creek waiting while Shelby tries to figure out what I'll do. Thanks AIC, your indifference towards my treatment (which costs $10K/mo.) is disconcerting. Thank you : (

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