O Canada

Thank you for supporting World MS day!

And thanks to Niagara Falls USA for the pic!


Thank you Lou Lang

For trying to break the stigma and provide relief to those of us who are suffering a chronic, debilitating disease. Ultimately, the bill failed. Representative Lang says he will reintroduce a revamped bill in the December session.

Another simple infusion

Yet another simple needlestick thanks to the expert in the AIC (that's you Bujana [sP?]).


Thanks FDA

Thanks for making tysabri packaging have a warning label over PML. You do realize I, as a tysabri patient, never see the packaging in which it comes. I'm sure the rest of the people using tysabri don't see the packaging either. All we see is a covered iv bag, so I have to say thanks for nothing FDA!


Walk MS 2011

We went to walk MS today, in St. Charles, IL this time! It was nice and quaint...and longer than the walk in downtown, Chicago. The only problem, and I dare say this, were the bicycles.

Here are the few pictures I took.

Thanks to those who joined us and those who donated to the cause.