Another 28 days

Another infusion down. Michelle* got me with an easy single stick. Thank you Michelle!

I have my physical in the middle of August. All is going well.

I spell Michelle as Michelle, unless I am told otherwise by that person.


No correlation between stress and MS

Well with another theory blown out the window by the NMSS (and in which I did not hold much hope), we progress further down the MS hole. Will there be a finding of a cure or cause in my lifetime.

With big pharma raking billions of $s in profits for making a treatment, I don't think it'll happen.


Day two

So my doctor (neurologist) put me on a new medication to help control my fading memory problem after I talked to him on Monday. I'm not saying which drug it is, just to be clear on that fact, but it is 10mg /day, which was awesome, it really really picked my energy up for about six hours. Didn't have any nasty crash, but I was up until about 330 this morning! Today I'm going to break it in two, and take 5mg in between coffees, and then again at two. Hopefully that'll be a bit more leveled out instead of the intense surge that was yesterday. And we'll see how I go to sleep, if I have trouble going to sleep, ingestion will have to come much earlier in the day.


Big thanks to Service One

Thanks to Sandy, Gord and Service One for their gracious donation to my Walk MS page. You've made my goal!

Service One

Thanks Service One!


Its been a long time

Since I've had multiple sticks. Yesterday's infustion was a horror show. Four total sticks, finally went in the AC : ( Look

In the wrist:

In the left hand:

In the right hand:

And finally, in the right ac