Infusion day

And I'm up early (thanks to Zie) - Pre-infusion post, who would've thought? Hopefully I can take a nap...which is dependent on an easy needle stick. Although I don't really feel too good about spending my 2 honestly free hours per month sleeping...then again spending those hours connected to an IV isn't ideal either. C'mon luck/skill of the AIC nurse! I'm hoping this is a good day to be stuck!


What TK is for (and for what it is not)

Tainted Kernel is for:
Me to have a place to log my experiences dealing with the disease that affects me: multiple sclerosis

Tainted Kernel is NOT for:
Advertisers to place advertisements to their webpages or products.

Are we clear on that fact? This site, along with all of my MjNet sites, is not for promoting your product!


Having MS is $$$$$

If you want to treat it with an outrageously priced medication. I had two trips this month, and my standing balance with the hospital is...wait for it...an astounding $15,2xx.xx! FFS, its costing me (or my insurer) over $7500 everytime I set foot in that hospital!

At least it makes me a little warm inside to know that my insurance is mostly covering the cost of disease. They make it possible for me to continue leading a normal life. For that, I thank blue cross/shield. Sorry the drug companies are being so greedy!

Another thought...I wonder how much it is costing the hospital to print all these bills they must be sending out? It must be astronomical!
Not to mention the cost in trees.