Another one done!

Had yet another infusion, as expected, yesterday at the hospital. Everything was fine, only one stick, food was good (had a gargantuan lunch: Pizza, Ham & Cheese sandwich, mac & cheese, soup and chocolate milk with a dessert of two cookies, big thanks Michele!), the only problem was after being stuck with needles two times in the past two weeks (this made it the third), I am still very freaked out by needles. You would think that by now I'd be used to them, but no, its still the usual course of veins are clearly apparent the night before, but when I wake up they are hiding. I know it will only hurt momentarily, but I just can't get past that initial anxiety. I fear I'll be using diazepam for the length of my treatment on Tysabri (or some other injectable medication).

I also recently heard the one oral option for MS treatment, Gilenya [Fingolimod], really tanks your immune system, and any sort of infection is easy to acquire. Scary, but so is PML

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