Oh drats!

So I got a blood test yesterday at the request of my neurologist's office. Wasn't that bad..however...I had a physical with my GP today, which went pretty well overall. However, the blood test my neurologist gave me didn't give enough information for my GP's liking, so I will be going back for my second blood test this month : /

I still hate needles to this day!

Then I had an accident on my bike coming home from Jewel. Apparently, I had too much weight in my backback*, which threw me over the handlebars when I tried to ride. Other than a skinned shin, a battered hip and some sore ribs, I'm OK...I think. Here is a pic of my leg

* I had in my backpack:
2 gallons of milk
2 64 fl oz Apple Juice
1 64 fl oz CranGrape Juice
1 64 fl oz Cranberry Juice
(roughly 35 pounds...try it)

I also carried in a plastic Jewel bag:
1 64 fl oz Sunny D
1 59 fl oz Florida's Natural Orange Juice - Made with US oranges!

(Jewel is a grocery store, for those who aren't familiar with Greater Chicagoland)

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