Infushin masheen

Just thought I'd share what the IV machines/poles that I have to see for ~two hours every four weeks. IV pole


The AIC can be a depressor

I get infused every 28 days, which is fine. The real issue I have is being included with all the sick & elderly that are near death. I feel bad for them, but it is a near monthly reminder that death is coming for each and every one of us. Depressing!


Awww yeah

The fight for a free Illinois is back on! State representative Lou Lang and former state's attorney Senator William Haine, you deserve a big thank you from the people of illinois!

Here is the text of the postcard which they want distributed: Dear Legislator: Seventeen states and the District of Columbia have laws in place to allow seriously ill individuals suffering from debilitating illnesses to alleviate their symptoms through the use of medical cannabis. Under Illinois law, however, patients with HIV/AIDS, cancer, or multiple sclerosis who use medical cannabis are subject to arrest and possible jail time, even if their doctors recommend it. You can put an end to this cruel practice by supporting the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act sponsored by Rep. Lou Lang and former state’s attorney Sen. William Haine.

Beautiful, non-partisan, purely fact-based. How could you not support legalized medical cannabis for those of us suffering from one of the above mentioned diseases.
Edit: Holy crap, the blink tag still works in mozilla browsers! For those of you still unfortunate enough to still be using IE are not able to see the multiple sclerosis tag blinking. Use firefox!


Today is a historical day

A historical day in my wife's and my life anyway. It marks the one year anniversary of Shelby and my decision to start leading a healthier life. One year ago today, the love of my life and myself decided to quit smoking! That means as-of today we are officially non-smokers! MFing woot! Good job Shelby! Good job myself! I knew we could become non-smokers as long as we had the proper motivator!
No Smoking!
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