From yesterdays infusion

A needle in my right AC vein
But I have to give a big thank you to Jayne at the AIC, the brilliant woman waited until I was done with my treatment to take my BP, and it was...wait for it...137/71!!! My BP is within normal range! Frickin' brilliant Jayne! You will never know how much you've done for me!


Damn vampires!

I thought the coast was clear for this appointment, but then my neurologist asked me about the Stratify study. Bahhh! Blood draw!!! At least it was for the furthering of Multiple Sclerosis research. Everything was nominal otherwise. He was, as expected, pleased with the effectiveness of the Tysabri (Natilzumab) treatment. Then he mentioned a pill called BG-12. A pill!!! It's only in phase III trials ATM, but its A PILL that shows progress! I can't wait for that to be available, as long as it is at least as effective as Tysabri.


The Neurologist...again

I've got another appointment with my neurologist on Friday. I'm sure it'll be just another how ya doin'...ok? good! type appointments, with which I am fine. I'm not sure Ill not have much about which to talk, as usual. That seems to be what MS has taken from me most....my sociability *sigh*. That and I have a hard time remembering things. At least it's been somewhat forgiving!