This is what scares me

The uncertainty of MS
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Look at that page and tell me you wouldn't consider MS scary. Now, am I safe because of the Tysabri, which has PML risks?* Hopefully the Tysabri will prevent any further damage from MS, and I'm lucky to have been diagnosed and treating it so early. Thanks to my loving wife the MR tech!

And yes, in the Stratify study I was found to have the JC virus antibody, which means I have been previously exposed to the pathogen.** *I'm past the mean average of treatment time where PML risk is highest, according to my neurologist, but that is no guarantee. **Yes, they offer(ed) testing for the drug which I am on to see what percentage of people using it have been exposed to the JC virus. Ahhhh, the life of insecurity in a very secure life.

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