What does MS look like?

First, I have to show you my brain! See the spots? That is how MS looks!
MS lesions


One of the worst things

about my ms is the fact that I am routinely having awesome thoughts and ideas, but i rarely remember them long enough to write them down. a vast majority of the things i think never have a chance to get started : / it is indeed most infuriating!


Good news!

I haven't had any futher progression of my MS, thanks to the kick arse drug Tysabri. Thank you Biogen Idec! I hope your rewards are as fruitful as they are reported! But good news! I may be off injectable/infusion drugs atound 4th quarter of this year. Biogen's new drug, which at this time is named BG-12, is a pill form that may be able to provide results similar to tysabri, but without the PML risk! Oh yea! No needles, No PML risk. I'm sold. I hope it works out. As an added bonus he mentioned that the drug has been used for around two decades in Europe for a psoriasis drug, I believe. That means it has effectively been through the rigors of drug testing. And when I say I'm fearful of new drugs that haven't been tested thoroughly, I mean it. Tysabri is fairly scary with the PML risk, but is yielding impressive results, so I don't want to stop it unless the next drug has undergone the usual battery of drug trials and time. It's the best time to have Multiple Sclerosis in the history of Earth!


Extending my opinion

As this is the blog I've devoted to my Multiple Sclerosis, I've decided to take it upon myself to make mention of what a dumb ****ing idiot Newt Gingrich is. How he could ever hope to have presidential aspirations is beyond me, but his arrogant ass is somehow able to fool himself into thinking his record is clean enough to do so. Politics aside, there is one reason I will do everything in my power to make sure Gingrich does not get the republican nomination: Newt Gingrich left his second wife after she was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (and he bailed on his first after she developed cancer). As a person with MS I take great offense to this. It shows that when the going gets tough, you bail. That right there is reason enough to keep you from the republican nomintation. Newt Gingrich bails when the going gets tough. My wife is more capable of running this country than you!