What a Crappy Choice!

I need a MS medication that kicks ass without the risk of PML!

As-of now my choices are:
1.) Suffer the debilitating fate of MS without treatment. I do not very much like this option.

2.) Treat my MS progressions, which Tysabri is what is being currently used to delay progression, and it's doing a damn good job! However, the constant reminder that PML may be waiting for me around every corner is a real ****ing downer. Especially when you get email like the one I linked in the previous sentence. FMITGA is all I can say. No rest for the wicked (auto-immune diseases).

So I choose to not suffer the ravages of MS, and to treat it. Here's to hoping the JC virus won't get me!?! I need to talk to my neuro to see if taking a break is a good idea again.

And modern science is not so comforting, FTLA: "TYSABRI is thought to inhibit white blood cells from getting into the brain and attacking nerves. Keeping these cells from attacking nerves is believed to result in fewer brain lesions** that cause multiple sclerosis symptoms." (Emphasis mine)
They only think they know how it works, they don't know exactly...FMITGA...that means there are a lot of things Tysabri could be doing that we aren't aware.

I sincerely hope I can make it to until at least the age of 40...

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