Hey Illinois Legislators

Study shows Marijuana May Ease Multiple Sclerosis Symptoms

It most certainly does, I can personally verify this.

And yet my legislators chose to remain ignorant and under the stigma of old to keep me suffering! Thank you Illinois representatives that choose to make me a criminal for treating my Mulitple Sclerosis symptoms!

My lawmakers no longer represent me! In fact, now that I think about it, they never have!


todays infusion

went damn well, just waiting out the watch period!

I accidentally put this into drafts, posting now to bring it to light!


It kinda blows!

To realize the medication you are taking to alleviate the serious f*cking neurodegenarative disease is just a money making opportunity for some investor douchebags who couldn't care less about the disease from which I suffer.

That right there is what is wrong with America today.

share holders :\