Another infusion sails by

Had my infusion today. It went as expected, except it took two needles sticks : ( Seems like the one v me is getting tired of thein in which they typically stick

Another Typical Infusion

Today's infusion was another typical one. Nothing major to report, except for the vein in the left hand that the infusion nurses typically use is starting to refuse being the main conduit for the infusion of Tysabri, thereby causing them IV to go in my right hand.

Other than that, I was a bit later so I didn't get to pick out my own lunch so I didn't have a huge tray of hospital food on which to gorge.

I didn't bother with a picture of the IV this time. Sorry : /


What if

My disowning was due to my MS? These are the crazy questions you ask yourself when there isn't an answer. The good part...I'm over it. If others want to burn bridges, let them. I don't need to cross them anymore! And if it was indeed due to my MS, we don't need to talk anymore anyway!

Legit Comments

That I've allowed to be be posted, thank you all for your contributions. However, I seem to be having issues posting replies to comments. For this I apologize, and if you like to leave your email in your comments, I can provide direct responses. I'm sorry if your comments seem like they are being ignored.


Had to miss my wednesday infusion

On account of my wife going into labor. I won't go into any more detail than she did wonderfully amazing in delivering my son Korben Michael Johnston, for which I am eternally grateful. You did a fantastically wonderful job! You're amazing Shelby!

And of course, I had my infusion the next day, which was without a doubt the shortest commute I've ever taken to my infusion!