Did I post about my most recent infusion?

It was nothing but typical...which is a very good thing.

Bozena was an ace as always; taking her only one needle stick to breach the vein in my hand. I love that woman! If I get a infusion survey, and I remember, it will be going back to the hospital with the highest marks for her! If you have to use the services of Northwest Community Hospital Ambulatory Infusion Center, seek out Bozena! Seriously, you will not regret that decision.

I've become rather accustomed to them now, and am better about needles. I remember my first trip there and all I can say is sorry Michelle. I'm not perfect by any means, as I still tend to sweat profusely upon impending needle stick. It sure is weird to feel a needle moving around under your skin. I still squirm at the thought.

And, as has been the case since medication, I've no new noticeable symptoms. Now when was on Avonex, I still had some MS activity as detected by an MR scan. Since switching to Tysabri, all has been extremely well. No new detectable activity. If only there wasn't that PML risk, it'd be the perfect drug!

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