Oh I am (not anymore) pissed off

Every year at this same time; I have the same problem at NCH AIC:

The AIC again doesn't have the required legalese (paperwork to Cover their @$$) to perform my infusion. It went something like this

1st year: Didn't know I needed a Physical every year. Infusion delayed by three weeks
2nd year: Things went pretty well, but required scrambling on a hunt for information. Infusion performed on time.
3rd year: Things didn't get sent to the proper people. Infusion delayed by a week.

WTF?^^ I know my neurologist said something along the lines of there will be a lot of hoops through which you'll need to jump, but GD, c'mon! Three years running! This shit is a little too repetitive for me. I'm not sure if it's the doctor's office fault for not sending the order preemptively to NCH or NCH AIC for not requesting the information they needed until the night before/one-hour before my appointment. I am sick of this. I suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. I do not need this agonizing worry place upon my head.

I'm dropping the hammer. Someone is going to get burned because of this. I'll be contacting the patient Advocate at patientadvocate@nch.org. Their wanting to CYA is affecting my treatment of my MS. This is unacceptable and will no longer be allowed to go on!


And that is why you should wait before posting! After a bunch of calling around and prodding people, they got the order through and my infusion was performed, albeit later than expected, which almost made my wife late(r) for work. Thats why you should always wait before taking big action on things!

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