Listen, CCSVI is not for me.

I've posted before about CCSVI and how I would have to see a lot of SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE to prove it is effective.

So far the evidence does not back it up like I would need to see to allow someone to go rooting around major vessels IN MY BRAIN (yes, technically in the neck, but close enough).

What? You spent a bunch of money on a lab to provide CCSVI. Why didn't you wait for the science to come in? Dumb dumb dumb!

Moreover, I don't need you idiots spamming my blog about MY MS because you made a poor decision in this life and now need more ignorant customers to allow you to root around major brain vessels.

No matter how much you SPAM me, I am not getting it done at your clinic. If the science comes in proving it the most effective cure for MS, I will compline a list of those who spammed me and publish it so that MSers know that they should not patronize those fly-by-night clinics who SPAM.

People with MS are generally intelligent people and won't fall for your BS.

Plus, I am either a 0 or .5 on the EDSS. So there is absolutely NO NEED FOR ME TO HAVE MY BRAIN (Neck) VEINS CLEARED.

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