Neuro Appt

Another neurologist appointment, and everything is fantastic news. My treatment, Tysabri, is doing its job perfectly. My MRI looks stable. I've only had one major episode, from which the effects mostly wained. The other major episode, a bout of optic neuritis, was alarming but went away after a bit of time and StErOiDs (I wish those on nobody).

I'm as lucky as I am unfortunate. I have Multiple Sclerosis, which sucks balls, but it has barely affected my life. The convenience of modern designer drugs, no? And major health insurance! Thanks to my parents for imparting that bit of wisdom. And my loving wife for providing it!

But it still looms over my head. Its not as in-your-face as when the weekly shots in the leg were administered by my loving wife. But, as I said, it still looms. That the next day I wake up my life could be significantly changed for the worse.

I try not to worry about such things, but it is damn near impossible when you've got an at-least monthly intravenous infusion reminder of what is being controlled in my body. If it isn't damn near everyday (or truthfully bedtime, when the mind has time to wander) that I have to face the reality with which I may be presented. I'm worried that Everyday may be my last. Not that I am worried about dying - I am, who isn't, but off-topic - I'm worried about having to face a life worse than death. Me - who I am - would be mostly gone. And again, I have to tell myself, "just try not to worry about it."

Here is to modern science people! And luck. A little luck never hurt anybody, right?

SIDE NOTE: I've learned the (layman's) secret to Tysabri (Natilizumab) - it basically tells your immune system to not enter the brain. Which my loving wife followed up with later, and it makes damn good sense, why PML risk is increased: because your immune system is kicked out of your brain.

C'mon BBB!

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