See Good in Bad

It's my new mantra I'm trying to follow and my disease it fits perfectly. With MS, when you typically get your diagnoses, you aren't too old to be helped.

I'm just happy they developed medications for RRMS around 15 years before I knew I am in that category. EVEN THOUGH THEY'RE CRAZY EXPENSIVE. Thank you insurance, and thank you Obama care for eliminating the insurance caps, or whatever you want to call them!

Sometimes it feels like the world is out to get me, other times it feels like the world is perfectly made to suit my needs.


My wife's dropped gem

She said that after you are on Tysabri for awhile, you should start receiving shares of the corporation(s) that make the drug. BRILLIANT! But we all know that'd never happen.

Back to Biogen

The Idec is eventually taking full control of Tysabri from Elan. Elan is claiming tax reasons.

Now both of the drugs I've taken for my MS will be from Biogen. My old drug? The archaic Avonex, which is a once-weekly IM injection.