You are not alone Ana

I know the pain from which you suffer. Literally. If you've ever read this blog, you know that I also suffer from Multiple Sclerosis. I also live in Illinois. I've also experienced the flu-like symptoms you get every week (or more, depending on the drug). I've contacted both the MPP and my legislators about legalizing marijuana for medicinal use.

All to no avail.

Like you Ana, I have to resort to body destroying chemicals to ease my pain. However, unlike you, I haven't had a reason to stop my medication. In fact, it gets better. I've escalated to Tysabri. It has alleviated a lot of the problems associated with the ABC injectables and effectively put my MS into remission.

None-the-less, I still suffer from the pains from the nerve damage associated with Multiple Sclerosis. It isn't fun. And I still petition my lawmakers to pass medicinal marijuana. With the latest bill to go to pass committee and go to the Illinois house, all we can do is have hope. Hope that our state legislators will have enough compassion to listen to sufferers like us and pass a law that will bring relief to people like Ana and I.

Oh yeah, to any haters, know that nerve pain is NOT alleviated by painkillers. Nerve pain is mostly f***ing horrible.


My Veins Are Running In Fear

I have a nasty physiological reaction when a needle comes out, my veins go away (from the surface of the skin). The staff @ the NCH has taken to using my AC vein.

Antecubital Vein


MSer plays for NBA

Like the title juxtaposition? Yeah, me too!

Although it's only for ten days, Chris Williams is the first person known to have MS to play for the NBA. Grats duder, while most people buy cars and houses, you can buy MS treatment - thatch some expensive s***!