I'm in the majority

I choose the risk of death via PML to effectively combat my MS. It's a common feeling amongst MS patients on Tysabri.

I am not alone on this cliff that is treating my MS with Tysabri. I hope, as I assume so many others on this drug do also, that I may never fall over the cliff. My neuro has reduced the frequencies of treatments from every 4 weeks to every 6 weeks. This is done in the hope that it will allow antibodies to pass the BBB and prevent infection of my brain by the JC virus, which in turn brings PML - and that ain't good. Let's just say all those years of not sniffing glue will have been in vain. That is what I am willing to risk to stop the progression of my MS.


Walk Ms 2013

We walked in walk ms 2013, after returning from our absence of last year. It was our usual walk, like nothing changed....except for the 11am start  time., which i greatly appreciated


I'll finally be recognized

At Walk MS, they are providing to people with MS an "I walk with MS" T-shirt.

Finally I will no longer blend into the sea of supporters*. I won't have to think "myself" when they hand me the T-shirt that has I walk for __________. Nope, the NMSS has realized that we've gotten a hold of drugs that stop the progression of MS and we want to walk!

*Not that supporters are a bad thing. In fact, I really appreciate what they do. But I am a sufferer, not a supporter. At least they'll recognize that this year.

This post, as most others, has been cut short by the presence of my two children.