Six Weeks...Too Long

Six weeks in between my infusions is rough. I'm desperately awaiting my infusion tomorrow. First time I've ever actually looked forward to it. Well, not really forward to a needle stick but that ohhh sooo good molecular adhesion that Tysabri provides. I've had a rough week. My energy is way low. I had trouble during my bike rides lately, just peddling on a flat surface seems extra difficult. I've had a horrendous, increasingly worse headache over the last week that makes concentrating so difficult. My stomach has been uneasy for the last week. Though I'm not sure if that's from a New Belgium beer tasting last week or just general feeling ewww. I'm tired, so tired banging out this post is difficult. I can't wait for my head to hit the pillow. Yeah, that's a good idea.

C'mon Tysabri, I can't wait to have you coursing through my circulatory system at full strength again. I miss the normality you provide. I hope I get used to this six week thing before December.

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