Those Poor Mice

They really are lab rats...err...mice. Those poor poor bastards. They get...well, lets just reuse the article like ever other 'news' source, "To conduct their study, the researchers induced mice to contract a disease called experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis, or EAE, which is very similar to MS in humans."

Now this is where I go with this information. I think about a research scientist just discarding dead mice into an incinerator when they're done being used. To those mice, it must be just like the holocaust.

That must be the job they give psychopaths, giving mice EAE. Or is it like punishment in the military? You were late! Inject those 500 mice with EAE. HFS! #LifeSucks But at least I didn't receive an autoimm....awwwww...now I'm even more sad : (

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