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I read a story of a person who switched from Tysabri to Tecfidera. He says he is having great success, which is reassuring to hear! What stuck me most, somewhere in his profile he said, "Possibly a key indicator is that I'm dreaming again." That's when the needle feel off the record. My jaw hist the floor. I was exasperated.

I can't remember the last time I've dreamed. At least remember having a dream, as I recall not dreaming will lead to insanity. Uh-oh. I absolutely, for the life of me, swear I've stopped dreaming. Something I've notice well before I even knew what is MS. Back in what was the college days, I remember that my dreams seemed to stop happening.

I never for the life of me thought that could be a byproduct of MS. It hadn't occurred to me since my diagnosis in 2007. Those were frantic and unclear days; not from college parties, but what turned out to be...MS aaawwwwww : ( There are a lot of things on which I look back and realize, oh yeah, that was probably my MS. But I'm on a tangent now...

The dream thing. Oh yeah. I actually just had my neuro appointment this week (1st week of Dec 2013), and won't be seeing him until July. That is absolutely something about which I must talk to him. I've already made note in my phone.

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