Watch Youtube Said Shelby

Lots of people are recording their reaction to Tecfidera. So OK, i'll try to allay my fears, as it is the unknown that seems to be the source of my concern.

But no, it is the usual, "This sucks, I'm having a terrible time and it isn't helping." C'mon people, I know s*** sucks right now. But you HAVE TO stay positive when you've got the MS*.

The last thing I want to do, though, is stay on Tysabri any longer with the PML risk I have (middle of the riskiest pool of JCV+ people). A little support and encouragement is all for which I am asking.

Isn't there anyone with a positive emotional response to Tecfidera? I'm moving to it one way or another, I can't stand the PML gun constantly held to my head.

*I know that is improper English, I'm trying to bring light to the situation.

UPDATE: It wasn't the youtube videos about which my wife was talking, it was videos on facebook.

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