You've got MS. Enjoy!

Oh wait...your chances of getting cancer are now through the roof too.

Sometimes the fight just doesn't seem worth it; I feel sometimes that it would be most appropriate to just check into a nursing home and die.

But no, I can never stop fighting MS. MS is a condition, it is not what will kill me!


The Woes of an MS Sufferer

MS is really messing with my memory. I have a serious case of the can't remember sh*t! And it's driving me the nuck futz!

Today, when I dropped off my daughter at preschool, I remember I forgot to bring something that starts with an A or B.

GFDI, I really hate my life and useless memory sometimes. #FML


It's the little things

to which I'm paying attention now. Like when I'm going to pick up my daughter from pre-school. I won't use the self-opening handicapped door which lazy people use to avoid any physical exertion! Nope, I'm going to open my own doors while I still can. I'll use the self opening when I no longer can open the doors on my own.

This is the perfect summing up of the 'Merican condition. Too damned lazy to do anything on your own!


Happy Friggin New Year

I'm looking at a medication change this year, if you haven't been following. My neuro has me freaked by saying that there is a rebound effect from coming off Tysabri. And my children, as always, don't let me get anything done. More of the same fun.