You may have realized that TK has been down for a few days. It was expiring at my old registrar and took longer than usual to move over to the new registrat. I'll have to act sooner should I transfer any more domains!

My apologies to my loyal readers. I suppose I could always chock it up to having a MS brain.


Freaking vampire doctors

My GP wanted a routine blood test. I had to fast last night and go to the hospital without any coffee this morning. The blood draw was relatively painless though, and it's a lot less worse than getting an IV put in.




As I conclude what I think is my second to last tysabri infusion, I realize I'm going to see the NCH AIC staff a lot less :( they've basically become part of my family. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to see them again when I have my 'rebound relapse' from coming off of Tysabri. Looking forward to that : (


IRIS : (

If PML isn't bad enough, the cure can end you too due to Immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome

As good as Tysabri has treated me, I'm scared and I can't wait to get off this stuff.