Deep contemplation

So it is after my six months of some serious soul searching, worry, and uncertainty I decided I was going to ask my doctor about staying on tysabri every eight weeks. Well, I had appointment with him today, and he said that some people who's MS was 'hot' did not fare well when they switched to tecfidera. He also noted that the rebound relapse for people of that type was especially rough.

This means I'm going to keep rolling the dice and stick it out with tysabri. It has been working for me so wonderfully well that I hate to have to switch from it. It's also hopeful when you also hear that there have been no PML reports (yet) in patients taking tysabri on an eight week schedule. Hopeful, but no guarntee. What really sold me was the risk put in comparison. The risk from PML comes down to ~1-in-200. The risk from stroke is 1-in-20 and the risk from cancer is 1-in-6. Doesn't seem so bad after all. Except those are life enders (for the most part), where as PML is life-as-you-knew it-the-day-before is over..if not just over.

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