Sticking it out

There is a new drug coming out that works similarly to Gilenya: RPC1063. It works by 'modulating the sphingosine-1-phosphate (S1P) receptor, which controls the autoimmune reaction in the lymph nodes'.

Ok, a little above me. All I know is the Tysabri is rocking for me, even on an eight-week dose schedule. I'm going to hold on to that drug as there is a 'rebound effect'...I'm pretty scared of that. So I'm stuck on a kick-butt drug. Could be worse, but hopefully the eight-week schedule will keep the PML away.


Hey Bruce Rauner

Why do you hate me? Why do you not want me to be able to treat my disease.

You disgust me. I certainly would not cast a vote for you before, and this just solidifies my opinion. And it'll cause me to tell others that douchebag who can't think outside the box is merely a puppet to the republofascist machine.

You're a tool Rauner. I hope your campaign decays in the ashes of your burned out candidacy.


Great, just great

Benzos lead to Alzheimer too. Good thing I only use them once every two months.

That and the slow walking...guh. Not much hope for me. But then there never was.