He who laughs last

Video games ARE good for me. Bite it 1980s mentality!


FDA's communication for the pill

No. Not that pill, the MS pill.

Making it official. Tecfidera carries with it a risk of PML.

I am glad at this point that I did not switch of Tysabri. Though, I think it's every eight week dosing is lessening it protection to the point that I am getting very gradually worse. I notice that my leg pain has been increasing as of late. Hopefully it's a perception thing. I talk to my neuro in June about it, and perhaps I need to be switched to every six weeks? At least if the effects are reduced, I should be receiving immune system protection from the cause of PML, the JC virus. Of course, I came to this conclusion the evening after my six-month neurologist appointment. Sometimes I'm just so stupid!


Think Its Hard Sleeping With MS?

Then take the fact that I am JC virus positive


And a good nights rest is way father than an arms reach away. I haven't had a good nights sleep in...I don't even know anymore.

Edit: I just realized my title is a double entendre, which was completely unintended.


My Brain

Is draped over McCormick Place for thousands to see at the RSNA 100th anniversary conference. Hopefully someone will take a picture for me!