I subscribe

To the school of thought that you need to bring you fight to your enemy. Then I saw this quote on shift.ms,

"Keep fighting your MS with strong therapy- the MS will be ‘fighting’ your brain everyday- whether you chose to treat it or not…"

So very true. And that's why I'm on the tysabri, which I can never get off, as I am scared to death of the so-called 'rebound relapse'. I don't want to go up on the EDSS.


Good News Everyone!

MS research is getting some major corporate backing. (Spoiler: El Goog!)

So every time I do a web search of check my email, I'm supporting an end to MS?


“We used to see patients at the beginning stages of MS -- two women would come in with optic neuritis, they couldn’t see out of one eye, they’d have some spots on the MRI scan, and they looked very similar,” said Rudick, who previously was director of the Cleveland Clinic’s MS program. “But as we followed them along, 10 years later, one would be a championship tennis player still and one would be in a nursing home. I never understood that.”

Ya'll Some Tasteless Idiots

Watching the bachelor to raise money for your 'charitable' organization.

So what'll be next? A WWF...errr...WWE viewing party?

Dumb drivel watching automatons.

You mind becomes free shortly (or a while longer) after an MS diagnosis. Having that and then giving it up is so very ignorant.