Where the sick are seen as profitable (for the drug companies, at least)

Since introduction, the two MS drugs I've been on have seen their rates skyrocket.

the first drug I used, Avonex, has increased 381% since it's introduction.

The drug which I am now on, Tysabri, has increased by 101.5%.

Damn, it's a good thing I have good insurance...and my wife works at a hospital! Of course, that is how I found my MS.

And if these greedy drug companies weren't so profit driven, this wouldn't be a problem; but in Murica! it's all about how much you can make. And this is why Capitalism will be replaced and Murica! will be ousted as the World Reserve Currency eventually.

My favorite quotes of the article:
"Every time a new drug came onto the market, the price of all the drugs jumped"
"The standard economic principle that more choices will drive down prices doesn't always apply in the topsy-turvy world of drug economics, especially in the United States." (Emphasis mine]

Something is not right here.

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