Is it possible

Nay, probable that because of my years of having MS that I have developed a downer attitude about this life? I'm seeing everything through pessimistic glasses.

I don't know. I'm so introverted and withdrawn, there isn't much on which to take measure. Perhaps it is a side effect of my pessimism, which (I hope, at least) would be a side effect of my MS.

It just feels like circular logic.


Yeah, I know.

The longer dosing interval is working great for me. Every eight weeks now. My neurologist recommended it when I said that Tysabri is working so well for me, I'd hate to go off it.

My take from the article is that every eight weeks is more effective and a lesser/no chance of PML. A win-win. Except for Biogen.

And you know what makes this study legit? The line at the bottom that said, "The current study had no commercial funding."


Ha Haaaaaaaaa

Oh, now I made myself sad : (

Best of luck with your lawsuit!