Coffee DOES NOT stop MS

You can keep your junk science to yourselves.

Because I am lving proof to the contrary. I've drank a pot of coffee all to myself everyday (wife doesn't like coffee) since I was like 25. Four pot coffee up until I hit that age. Back then it was lots of cream and sugar too, but know I like my coffee black. Nothing additional. Just my sweet pot of black coffee everyday of my life. I sure hope that study on drinking coffee was right.

Maybe I developed MS back when I drank my coffee loaded, or perhaps it was before I started drinking coffee. Yes, there was a time when I'd wake-up and not require my daily cup of joe. Maybe I should've started drinking coffee earlier. I blame the bad-for-you eighties.

And I understand that drinking coffee LOWERS your risk and doesn't remove it completely. #LAWYERSPEAK

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