Eight Years

It has been eight years since Shelby last had to stick a (IMO, giant)needle in my leg to administer avonex.

I do not miss that, I do not. The suck of the needle stick topped by two days of feeling 'fluish'. Not fun.

So that means I've been on Tysabri ~8 years.


March: A month and a statement

Its March, starting the busy spring. I don't think I've posted my infusion (or last few) infusions to this blog. The good ol russian roullette that is Tysabri is going, and going well. Nothing much really in the way of disease activity, or so say my HCPs. So I think that is good.

So I'll take that positive vibe and say, "Oh yeah, it is March, MS awareness month!"

So yeah, be aware of MS. It sucks, not much you can do if you have it, but luckily though chance, timing, and luck - in my case at least - I am able to keep my MS under control. I like it that way.



I was lucky when I got my MS diagnosis. After a brief stint with interferon I was placed on highly effective tysabri. I was offered the switch to gileniya due to my dangerous PML load (actually the presence of jc virus antibodies), but ultimately declined. Sure glad I did.

Tysabri is more effective than interferon and gileniya, and is on par with lemtrada. Plus I only need it administered


In about two years scientists will be able to tell if your MS means your partially doomed or completely doomed.