Well That's Reassuring

Scientists think they've found out how the MS drug tecfidera (Dimethyl Fumerate [DMF]) works.

Clue: Genetic Failure! I don't have the gene for HCA2 - or at least I assume based on the linked article.


Bad Odds

When I read such information, I am happy to be getting off Tysabri.

Should be my second-to-last infusion on the two month schedule.


Hopefully My Last Infusion

This is still speculation at this point, but I believe I will have my last Tysabri infusion this Wednesday. Which is good and bad. Bad because I've been doing so well with ZERO relapses since starting it. Good because I loathe needles and there is (and pretty much always been) a 1-in-118 chance that I will develop PML due to my Tysabri treatment, and you do not want that! Those odds are a bit too risky for me!

I am at the point where I will soon see if my life will continue as normal or a new (sub)standard will be applied. I've enjoyed my life this far, even with the MS diagnosis; let's hope it stays that way! Only time will tell how my MS responds to my new medication.

Wish me luck.


Barts and The London

Has bad news for me.

NO TREATMENT FOR MS-related memory problems, went the headline of the article.

Guh, now I've got to hope some scientist comes up with a fix for Memory Symptoms...errr...Multiple Sclerosis.

Now I have no hope that my wife will stop blaming something I use to treat my MS for my memory problems, instead of the MS itself. NO HOPE! DAMN YOU MS!

This was the chart my neuro showed me, or at least something very similar. My number 1 in 118, which is why I am switching to Techfidera.



You may have realized that TK has been down for a few days. It was expiring at my old registrar and took longer than usual to move over to the new registrat. I'll have to act sooner should I transfer any more domains!

My apologies to my loyal readers. I suppose I could always chock it up to having a MS brain.


Freaking vampire doctors

My GP wanted a routine blood test. I had to fast last night and go to the hospital without any coffee this morning. The blood draw was relatively painless though, and it's a lot less worse than getting an IV put in.




As I conclude what I think is my second to last tysabri infusion, I realize I'm going to see the NCH AIC staff a lot less :( they've basically become part of my family. Unfortunately, I'll probably have to see them again when I have my 'rebound relapse' from coming off of Tysabri. Looking forward to that : (